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Hire Purchase

Spread the cost of your asset purchase

Hire Purchase allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over the asset’s likely useful working life using it as direct security for the borrowing.

Full legal title to the asset passes to you once all payments have been made.

By spreading the cost of your investment over the life of the asset, it makes it easier to budget.

Improves tax efficiency as interest and charges can be offset against pre-tax profits.

Finance Lease

Rent with a Low Initial Outlay

Finance Lease allows you to spread the cost of your acquisition over the asset’s likely useful working life, using the asset as direct security for the borrowing.

Equipment is rented and can be tailored to your needs and cash flow.

During this period, you will pay the full cost of the asset, including interest.

The VAT is spread across each payment.

When you reach the end of the primary lease term you should note that full legal title to the asset will not automatically pass to you; special provisions exist, depending on the finance company used.

You can continue to use the asset using a secondary rental period or pass title to an independent third party and retain a proportion of the income from this sale.


Unlock the value of your existing assets

Refinance can help you to unlock cash in your existing hard assets, through set monthly payments. These funds can be used to purchase new equipment or fund business growth.

It is a quick way to access the value of your assets on your existing balance sheet and use that value elsewhere in your business.

Unsecured Business Lending

Give your Business a Cash Injection

We provide unsecured business loans to help small businesses thrive.

Options include the government backed Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS), which helps businesses affected by Coronavirus manage their cashflow, invest and grow.

Invoice Factoring

Release the cash that’s tied up in your invoices

When your business issues an invoice to a client the majority of its value is then advanced to you. You then receive the remaining balance minus a fee when your client pays.

This means you can still offer credit terms to your clients and they still get the usual time to repay your invoices, but you get to access the cash value straight away.