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We can offer you a business on a plate

If you have a successful, established background in asset finance, but find yourself restricted, frustrated, or simply bored by your employer’s contracted or limited desire for new business, it may be time to give Crystal a call.

We provide you with all you need to hit the ground running, allowing you to write new business across a wide range of industries and recover your feeling of success and self-worth.

Out there on your own?

You may be broking already, but if you are operating alone you will know how tough it can be to maintain a viable range of funding sources covering the full market spectrum.

Crystal can provide you with just the backup you need. We already have those funding lines in place, producing more than enough business to keep a full range of sources happy – thereby shouldering the burden and taking the pressure off you.

All the support you need

Under the Crystal umbrella we leave you free to get on with writing business, yet you will have all the support you need to get going and add vital momentum to your business. We assist along the way wherever you need it – for instance, with branding, marketing support, IT systems and support, customer search facilities, stationery and in-house admin support.

What’s more, there are no upfront costs to you. All you need is a car, a mobile phone and a laptop. It couldn’t be simpler – or more rewarding. Just ask any of our growing and highly successful national team !