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Approaching fifty and, after twenty-five largely enjoyable years with Barclays Asset Finance, it was time to do something different.
Over a three-year period, I worked on several personal projects including writing three books, creating a blog, extending my cricket coaching experience and cutting a lot of grass at the club I have played at since a boy.

However nothing quite matched the buzz of the business arena. Cricket has faded from my life now which, whilst sad, reflects a game that is in deep decline and there is little honest volunteers can really do to arrest this. It was time to do something more rewarding. I now find myself the editor of a free community magazine – The Trumpet – growing quicker than my other hobby – vegetables – where this came from who knows? I also spend a lot of time groaning in the gym where it’s much warmer. My big passion in life is writing though.

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If I had one hero that has to be Bruce Springsteen; his 1987 album Tunnel of Love ranks as my favourite; The Boss is a genius and the live shows are incomparable. I also love reading and my favourite author is the American Richard Russo who writes largely about small town America penning Nobody’s Fool, a beautifully warm and funny novel that converted to my favourite movie starring Paul Newman amongst others.

I also like beer…but that’s another story…

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