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Oliver March

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The best part about my job is the profound impact I can have in assisting individuals with the opportunity to gain capital for their businesses they potentially wouldn’t be able to attain by themselves. It allows me to become a catalyst for their ideas, facilitating access to essential capital, that fuels their ventures growth, as well as success.
Everyday, I strive to engage in various conversations and queries from clients who are in need of financial support, the concept of engaging with people and doing your best to assist them is my target going into each day.

I was part of a football team, playing sundays most weeks. However, I gave this up after turning 18, as I was not particularly keen on playing when most of the people in my team had moved off to university.

I have always enjoyed football, I enjoy the atmosphere at the games themselves, as well as watching it on the TV. I also enjoy a sport called speedway, and attend the world championships for this a couple of times a year. With more time I would definitely like to go to more of those.

My favourite team in regards to football has to be Norwich City. As I was born there, I can’t think of a different team I would support. My dad supports Ipswich Town, so there is a big rivalry between us in that aspect!!


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