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Martin James


I launched Crystal Business Finance in 2007, alongside colleagues Mike Austin and Alex Callister.
Having spent well over 30 years in the asset finance industry, mostly around the Midlands area including 16 years with RBS’s then asset finance arm RoyScot Trust, I have gained widespread experience working within the independent broker market since 2001.

Much of the business I now write comes through recommendations from local bank managers, accountants who are anxious to offer their clients a wider choice, as well as a highly experienced, totally professional approach. I also receive many introductions from suppliers and dealers in a wide variety of equipment and vehicle supply sectors.

My wife Helene and I have four children: Steve, Becky, Nick and Rebecca, and seven wonderful grandchildren Charlie, Tilly, Ellie, Molly, Sophie, James and Ralph ranging from 3months to 10 years old. Outside work, we love walking holidays with our now rather aged loopy chocolate Labrador Tom, socialising over a good bottle (or two) of full-bodied red, or annoying the neighbours with my ludicrously cash-swallowing HiFi/AV surround sound system. All hail the high-res 5.1 Blu-ray Audio and lossless FLAC downloads!

Choosing a favourite album is a tough one, but would include Pink Floyd’s “Meddle”, “Seconds Out” by Genesis, Radiohead’s “The Bends” and “Lightning Strikes the Library” by North Atlantic Oscillation are in my top ten – not forgetting selections from Yes, King Crimson, Muse and Porcupine Tree – I’m just an aging moon-faced prog-rocker at heart!

Favourite films – anything directed by David Lynch or David Cronenberg and sporting-wise I’m part of the pride “Up The Villa!”

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