Joe Lomax

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Joe Lomax

The Sales Team

For me, the best part of the job is the potential. The chances to meet new people, while expanding and growing my skills.
I come from a sales background and one of the main themes from my time in this line of work has been building rapport and the creative challenge of building proposals that find a solution for clients.

My aims in this role and at work are to grow Crystal Business SW by bringing new clients from new sectors into Crystals growing client lists.

Out of work, my hobbies involve archery, surfing and socialising with friends. I enjoy going to events and trying out new interests. Most weekends when I’m not engaging with my hobbies. My time is spent relaxing and planning the next adventure. With enough time and money, I’d like to try out more specific experiences such as skydiving or paragliding.

In regards to family, I’m the youngest of 3, no children of my own yet. But my partner does like to humour the idea of little ones in the future.

I follow martial arts and Rugby, my favourite team being the New Zealand All Blacks

07942 456668