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Jess Milligan

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My primary aim is to empower my clients with financial solutions that not only streamline their operations, but also support their ambitions for success. Team-work makes the dream-work after all!

Part of a local rock-climbing indoor club, I love sport climbing, lead climbing and ‘Via-ferrata’

Hiker, Climber, Camping enthusiast and wingsuit wannabe-er! My weekends mainly consist of hanging off a cliff (safely) or exploring in the mountains and chasing the sunsets. Next year my goal is to build and convert a van into a motorhome for the outdoor adventures (with the help from my partner who has a construction background luckily enough….although he isn’t aware of the upcoming project yet!)

I have a wonderful Irish mother and sister who live in the UK, and my brother is based in Spain with his dog Wilma.

In my life journey, I am fortunate to share it with my wonderful partner Ryan, who I adore.

Rock-climbing, Paddle-boarding, Mountaineering, Golf (although I am terrible) Mountain biking, Wild Swimming. Basically, anything that gets the adrenaline going…sign me up!

I used to play Handball for the England squad in 2012, we travelled across the world competing in championships. I don’t play anymore but I enjoy watching. We also often watch Nottingham Forest football matches at home. (not at my request!)

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