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Guy Abbott

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At work – what do you aim to do/achieve?
Lendaline aims to create easy access to stronger lending lines for the SME market and be to financially connected with open opportunities. Our future mission is to connect UK businesses with better funding options, through a smart, customer focused accessible platform.
What is the best thing about your job?
The best part of what I do, is having the pleasure and satisfaction of being able to support SME’s by providing them with the capital they need to further the growth of their business. Knowing I’ve found a resolution to any companies financing requirements whether it be to purchase a new asset, a business acquisition or even simply for cash flow funding, brings purpose to my role and the service I offer.

Are you a member of a club, organisation or group (professional or leisure)?
Currently, no. However, I’ve recently started take an interest in a more relaxing sport, playing a spot of golf when I can, but it’s very early stages.

Interests away from work, hobbies etc. – what do you do at weekends – what would you like to do more of if you had the time/money?
I’m a bit of a foodie and like a good drop of red wine, so we try to visit and eat at nice restaurants when we can. However, with the arrival of our daughter last May that’s slowed down a lot. The weekends are usually spent with the family and seeing other friends and their families on social occasions. When the weather is nice and when I have a spare hour or two, you’ll see me (or miss me) flying around the country roads on a BMW S1000RR super sports bike, which is a passion for me and I try to visit tracks and circuits around the UK and Europe when possible.

Family, wives and/or girlfriends – How many children, ages, names etc etc?
It’s myself, the girlfriend and our amazing daughter, Adilyn who is 14 months old. We’re hoping to give Adilyn the news of a sibling sometime soon.

Sporting interests – favourite team(s)?
Not much of a ‘sports’ fan in all honesty, I dropped football for a career in the music industry which took 100% of my focus back in my later teenage years to my late twenties and I never regained an interest in football. I tend to follow the WSBK and MotoGP on the weekends.

Favourite Album?
It’s impossible to say a favourite album, my music tastes vary hugely from all sorts of genres and styles, however my favourite band growing up was a group called Sublime from Long Beach, California.

Favourite Film?
I have a few favourite films but the one that always stuck out for me was a film starring Sean Penn and Michael Douglas called, The Game. That came out in 1997. Jesus, 25 years ago!

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