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Ele Mathieson

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I have worked with Crystal Business Finance since 2008 but it always feels like my first day as I never know what challenges the day will bring.
I answer directly to the directors – Mike Austin, Martin James and Alex Callister. I provide administrative assistance and since getting our FCA permissions, I look after compliance… not a small task.

I thought my running days were over but I seem to have signed up for the Offas Dyke 15 next summer. I had better dust off my trainers.

When it comes to reading I’ll read almost anything from fact to fiction. I love acquiring knowledge but rarely retain anything. I’m not sure how much longer I can use “baby-brain” as an excuse. My most recent book is The Thursday Murder Club.

My favourite TV program – I don’t really get to watch much since my son discovered YouTube, now all I get is over the top Americans playing computer games and screeching a running commentary at me.