This kind of race was a first for me. Strangely the nerves beforehand weren’t too bad. Possibly because I had little idea of what was ahead despite the safety briefing detailing what to do on the water slide and having to get down in the mud just for the warm up.

The obstacles increased in craziness, the last being particularly terrifying. Partly because the wood was slippy and it was high but also because there was a casualty lying on the floor below being attended to by medics.

Needless to say there was a copious amount of mud (I looked like Morph at one point) and lots of freezing water. Fortunately, the swans were pretty relaxed about sharing their lake while we did the swim.

The water slide was a blast. I nearly laid an egg when I saw that everyone was running up and throwing themselves down it head first!! Not quite sure how I found the courage to do it.

I’m very proud of myself for completing all but one of the obstacles. I will just have to get some monkey bar practice ready for the next one.

Bring it on!!