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Brandon King

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The best part of what I do is speaking to people from all over the UK from different backgrounds and industries. Every company is different and understanding what they are ultimately aiming to achieve with the business always fascinates me.
I enjoy being a part of the clients journey and watching them grow throughout the years with the help of the finance I facilitated for them.

I’ve been playing football from the age of 6 and still play for a local team on a Sunday morning and 6 aside on a Monday and Wednesday evening. This is great for the social aspect but also for the fitness aspect to burn off the calories from the beers consumed on the weekend.

I’ve started playing golf this year as its meant to be a relaxing sport but I cant say I agree with that currently. If I had more time and money I would love to get some golf lessons to tidy up my iron play. I love most sports and will watch nearly anything if its live and on the TV but in particular I love football. I’ve been going to the QPR games with my dad since I was a kid its just a shame we never win any trophies.

This is a trick one, I like so many different genres of music however I’m really into my country music one of my favourite artists being Morgan Wallen.

One of my favourite films is ‘Catch me if you can’ starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

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