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Alex Ramsden

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As a broker I enjoy meeting a very wide spectrum of people from completely different walks of life who I would never have crossed paths with otherwise.
On top of that, I hugely enjoy being able to meet each one of their specific needs and help their business onto its next stage.

I aim to build strong relationships with my clients through the knowledge and service I provide.

I am not currently a member of any sporting clubs but I used to play a lot of tennis and table tennis and aim to join my old tennis club at the end of the year. I have been playing a lot of golf recently but I will need to win the lottery before I can afford a local membership.

I am a fan of cars, mainly modern sports cars rather than classics but I guess that’s just my generation. I often go to the gym in the week after work; if I had more time and money I would probably play sports for a large portion of my life and the rest drinking in the sun!

Probably my favourite film is “Ready Player One”.

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